At Optimal Child Environments, LLC we work with families and schools to help children and adolescents through age 18.  We can help with issues related to behavior and/or academics.

Who we help

Our Services

      School consultation 

           In-service training

           Case Review

           School/District consultation

      Family services

            Parent training

            In home observations and consultation

      Educational advocacy

           Record review and recommendations

           Attendance at PPTS

Mission Statement

To help families and schools create and maintain the best environment for children to maximize their behavioral and academic potential.


How we help

At Optimal Child Environments, LLC we work with parents and schools to devise an environment that promotes positive, pro-social behavior, while at the same time discouraging negative behaviors.  We help parents and schools understand the child's behavior in terms of their developmental level, individual differences, and temperament.  Creating an intentional environmental plan based on the child's needs can have a tremendous impact on positive behavior.