Services to schools

Case review/Parent consultation
A partnership between families and schools is essential for student success. We provide consultative services to improve home/school communication and parent knowledge of curriculum and school services, as well as data analysis and written recommendations.

  • Parent Meeting 
        We will meet with parents to discuss their child’s progress and to hear their concerns. We will educate them about the SRBI and RTI interventions and data collection/analysis. For students receiving special education services, we will assist parents in understanding their rights and responsibilities, evaluations, and the IEP.

  • File Review

          Comprehensive review of both regular and special education files, including student progress data, evaluations, observations, and IEPs. We provide feedback about student programming and make recommendations for home and school.

  • Observations

          Observe student behavior and learning in multiple settings, including classrooms, lunch/recess, and special classes. Provide recommendations about student behavior and behavior management strategies.

  • Functional Behavioral assessments

          Conduct comprehensive behavioral assessments that include:


          Attendance at school meetings, if requested. 

          Interviews of the student, adults at home, and school staff. 

          Behavioral observations in multiple settings, including home if


          Creation of a behavior intervention plan for home and school, with  

          progress monitoring and data collection.

          Review of plan and modifications if needed.

          Recommendations to future behavior management strategies.

  • Rating scales

          Conduct analysis of student behavior through structured and norm-referenced rating scales. Analyze results and provide written report with recommendations.

  • Programming recommendations

          Work with school personnel and parents/guardians to devise the best educational plan for the child. Review of all available data, interviews, and attendance at meetings to provide effective and practical recommendations.

  • diagnostic evaluations

          Provide diagnostic clarification and recommendations for problems related to Anxiety Disorders, Depressive Disorders, and Obsessive Compulsive and Related Disorders.

  • Ppt meetings

          Attendance at school meetings (PPT, data team, SRBI/RTI) to provide support to school staff/families, review and analyze data, plan evaluations or reevaluations, and review progress. Assist team in creating positive and effective learning environment.