Educational advocacy

As parents and educators, one of our most important responsibilities is advocating for our children’s needs, academically and social-emotionally.

Regular Education

  • Parent Consultation

We will meet with you to discuss your child’s progress in school, both academically and socially. We encourage you to think about what your child needs in order to reach their potential, and how we can support them. In addition to the parent interview, academic progress in the general curriculum will be reviewed, as well as data from any support services. We will provide you with written recommendations.

  • School Consultation 

In addition to the parent consultation, at your request, we will meet with school personnel to discuss progress in school and plans of action. Written recommendations will be provided. 

Special Education

  • Parent Consultation

We will meet with you to discuss your child’s academic and social progress in school, and review data including report cards, referrals to special education, evaluations, behavioral interventions and data, and Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). We will discuss ways to improve your child’s experience at school and services that they may or may not need. 

We will provide written recommendations and communicate with school staff at your request. 

  • Attendance at School Meetings

We will prepare you for Planning and Placement Team (PPT) meetings and attend them at your request. Preparation includes reviewing your child’s progress and any evaluation data in advance of the PPT. During these meetings, we will assist you in understanding evaluations and data that may be presented, and advocate for what is in your child's best interest.