Services to families

Structuring the home environment for positive behavior
  • in-home observation

          We will visit your home and conduct an assessment of behavior and the environment. Based on the observation and parent/child interviews, written recommendations and a behavior plan will be provided.

  • Prioritizing behavioral needs
         We will demonstrate how to assess and prioritize the behavioral needs in your home, as well as create a working behavior plan. Environmental changes also will be discussed.

  • developing and implementing a behavior plan
          Based on interviews and/or observations, systems of reinforcement will be discussed and a plan developed to improve behavior in your home. Data collection methods will be presented and discussed.

  • modifying a behavior plan
          Together we will analyze data that has been collected and revise behavior plans to address evolving progress or difficulties. Methods of data collection will be revised, as well.

  • Understanding behavior and your child's developmental level
          We will discuss your child’s age and developmental level, explaining typical behaviors associated with their age. We will consider their cognitive and social-emotional development when creating a behavior plan.