Holly Hannan, MA/CAGS

Holly Hannan is a certified school psychologist with experience in the public school system.  She has observed and analyzed student learning and behavior, and strategized with educational teams to develop instructional/behavioral interventions based on the tiered model of Response to Intervention.  In addition, she has conducted comprehensive psychological evaluations and functional behavioral assessments.  She has consulted with families and schools in regards to understanding children's overall functioning and how to structure home and/or school environments for academic and behavioral success.

Scott Hannan, Ph.D.

Dr. Hannan is a clinical psychologist with expertise utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy in the treatment of children with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety Disorders.  In addition, he has extensive experience in addressing behavior management issues and school refusal behavior.  Dr. Hannan has consulted with a variety of school systems and has provided numerous in-services to school districts.  Due to his expertise in the treatment of Hoarding Disorder, he has been a featured expert on A&E's Emmy nominated series, Hoarders.